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Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore a Scam?

The Webstore.com reviews show that this is an online market place. Everyone is always trying to build a better mouse trap and webstore.com is a prime example of trying to build a better mouse trap. The prime objective of webstore.com is to provide an online market place that has 0 selling fees.  



A lot of online sites have popped up with the same goal except none of them do to well. There are a couple of reasons I believe that these sites do not get the traffic that they expect to. My first theory is that there is no mandatory verification for sellers. This kind of bugs me and I think it bugs a lot of people. There is always news about online safety and I think that people do not like to do business on a site where being verified is not mandatory.



My second theory as to why a site such as this does not flourish is that I think people are always looking for the angle. You know, nothing in life is free so people kind of feel a bit leery when a site offers something for free.


The Site


I like this site but the inventory is a bit shabby. There is a lot of junk being sold at really low prices. This may sound harsh but I think it adequately reflects the inventory being offered. This site kind of reminds me of the flea markets of old, not where they are selling new stuff but where they are selling stuff that they no longer want. Think garage sale with a few collectibles mixed in.


The site is easy to use and I think has potential except right now that potential is a bit buried under a bunch of ads. Webstore.com depends on advertising to generate its revenue so there are quite a bit of advertising done on the site.


This is not a bad site. Sellers can pay the $4.95 for the verification fee to be verified which is something that I strongly recommend if you are going to sell on the site. I also strongly recommend if you are going to buy on this site that you do so only from verified sellers. To add further protection you should only use your Paypal account to make a payment. Paypal is usually pretty good about tracing payments and stopping them if a question arises about the payment.


Subscription Price: $0

Number of Items: Around 100

Geographical Location: Nationwide


Overall, the Webstore.com reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however if you’re someone looking for a deal you might want to check out Auctionresource.org as many people are reporting good deals.


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