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I was excited to review this site. I am one of “those” people that really believe when I see an advertisement showing someone winning a great sports car at auction that was seized from some sleazy drug lord in Miami.  


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The reviews show that this was not the site that you were going to win great seized property for pennies on the dollar. As a matter of fact you were not going to win anything on this site. This site has zero to do with auctions other than if you register and pay them you will have access to their database that contains all the secret government auction information. 


The Cost at


This is a membership based website. You join pay your fees and than you can take a look at all the secret hidden information that they are offering. You can gain access for the membership fee of $39.80 per month. 


$39.80 per month is a lot of money to pay for information that may or may not pan out for you! The seven day “free” trial only costs a dollar, yes I did catch the free for a dollar part! Reviews 

What You Get 


According to the website you get the following when you join up ( not immediately but once you become a full fledged $39.80 a month member the free period restricts your activity on the site). 


Our online tutorial makes you an expert in buying auction vehicles 

                      Our unique database of vehicle auction listings lets you search for used cars from $500 up in any given zip code. 

                      Recommendations on mechanics in your area 

                      Vehicle advertisement to sell your old car. Ad runs till it sells 

                      Access to your most recent credit report 

                      Vehicle pricing guide 

                      Best deals on gas prices, auto supplies, parts and accessories 




I would be cautious with this site if I was looking for government surplus auctions. I do not think that this site offers any information that you certainly could not secure on your own through very simple measures. Honestly I did not even search to see what users thought about the site although I do not think it is a ripoff.  


Click here for the top rated sites for buying seized property 


If you are looking for great deals on government surplus there may be some deals on here for you, although there are more popular alternatives available. Basically in a nutshell what you will get for your $40 is a list of cars for sale in your area that you can probably find in one of those free magazines that every community offers or on a free car trader type website. Access to your credit report is free on an annual basis from all three credit reporting agencies. 


Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site and not a scam.