Reviews – Is a Scam? Reviews – Is a Scam?  


The reviews show that this is a penny auction site. You purchase bid packs that contain bids that you use to participate in the auction. The bids range in price depending on what size bid pack you buy. The larger the bid pack the cheaper the bids. While there are deals to be had a just about any penny auction site, most people prefer using a service like for finding good deals online so you may want to check them out after you read this review. 




The reviews show that this site offers 16 free bids to new members. This is an odd amount of bids but generous nonetheless. has followed suit of many of the penny auctions by offering a buy it now option. You can use your losing bids toward the purchase of the item you lost the bidding wars on. You have 24 hours to use the “buy it now” feature which is called Own Today. 


The Skoreit Own Today feature is only offered on some auction items it is not available on every auction item. 


The Site 


I liked the site because it was easy to find information. Finding information on a site should be easy to find, and on it was front and center. You can easily find answers to most questions using the FAQ tab. 


The site was also pretty easy to navigate. I think it would be an excellent site for newbies to the penny auction game because with the ease that the site can be used. 


The Items  

I was pleasantly surprised by the items that were being offered at There were a lot of big ticket items which is really unusual for the penny auction industry. Typically what you find are a few big ticket items with a smattering of gift cards and bid packs, has broke the mold by offering many big ticket items.

There were Flat Screens, Laptops, Cameras, Phones and a host of other big ticket items that are being offered for pennies on the dollar. You can potentially win a lot easier than you can on any other site because there are more items available which means that you will have less competition in the bidding wars. 


Comments About is a relatively new auction site so there is not a lot of buzz either way about this site. I did not find any negative comments nor did I find any positive comments maybe as time passes and more people figure out that this is a go to site for a great shopping experience. 


This is a good site to check out. I liked the way the site was laid out and I liked the inventory that they had to offer. I would strongly recommend this site. It is a great site that offers great opportunities to find a great deal. 





Subscription Price: $0 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 


Overall, the reviews show this this is a legit site and is not a scam, however you may want to check out sites like for finding deals online and many customers are reporting good deals.