Quibids.com Reviews


Quibids.com Reviews – Is Quibids Scam or Legit?  


The Quibids.com reviews show that this is another penny auction website. Penny auction websites are a combination of entertainment and shopping. Many people find penny auctions a great way to not only shop but also as a great way to inject a little excitement into their shopping. 


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At Quibids.com like any other penny auction online you have to buy bids before you actually start bidding. The bids at quibids.com are sixty cents each. Bids at other sites like quibids.com typically range in price from forty cents each to one dollar each so Quibids offers reasonably priced bids. 


Quibids.com - Some Features I Liked


Quibids offers all the information you need to get started right on the landing page. I like this feature because I like being able to see what I need to so I can decide immediately if it is a site I would like to participate in or not. 


I also like the badges feature. You earn badges and free bids by taking certain steps in the auction process. This feature adds a bit more fun to the shopping experience. 


The Site 


Quibids is super user friendly everything is really easy to access from how to information to corporate information to frequently asked questions. All of it is right there up front and in your face! I like straight up information and this site does a great job of presenting it. 


The site feels professional which I also like. 


Quibids.com Reviews - Registration 


Registering on Quibids is free. You do have to buy bids to participate in the auctions but you can browse without any fees. I think that it would be nice if they offered some free bids for registering like so many of the other penny auction sites do, but they don't. 



Quibids Review - Inventory 


I was surprised to find at quibids a large assortment of high end inventory of course there were plenty of gift cards to choose from as well as bid packs that were offered but there were a nice selection of high dollar items. 


The inventory is laid out well and the auction times and bidding is easy to understand. 


Quibids.com is a great place to check out if you are into the penny auction scene. There are plenty of penny auction sites out there. New ones crop up everyday so you always have options but you also always have to be careful where you shop some penny auction sites are just not that reputable. 


The Quibids review shows that this site has been in the penny auction business long enough to be recognized as an established business. I found no legitimate complaints about Quibids. Of course you are going to find the “I didn't win so this site must be rigged comments” but ultimately besides the sour grapes there was nothing out there that made me think that this site was anything but legitimate. 


The only thing that gives me pause from recommending this site 100% is that they do not offer free bids for signing up. I think free bids are great because they give novices an opportunity to see how bidding feels and to see first-hand how an auction works! 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


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Overall, the Quibids.com reviews show that this is a legit site and not a scam.