Review – Is Legit? Review – Is Legit?  


The review shows that this is a different type of auction site. As the name suggests this is not actually an auction site it is a conglomerate of many auctions from around the globe. is the middle man in these auctions. I think there are some deals to be had here but most people seem to prefer using a service like for finding deals online. 


Although does not charge buyers a premium most auction houses that use proxibid do. The information regarding fees and costs for each auction is published with each auction announcement. This is a pretty straight forward site that offers straight forward information. 


There is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions which is very obviously questions that have been submitted by actual users. 


Things I Like 


I was actually surprised that I found things that I liked on this site. Typically I am against the middle man because it usually costs you some money to use one but not in this case. If you are a buyer you are in a good position using proxibid. 


The reviews show that this site offers you as a buyer the advantage of being able to participate in hundreds of auctions from around the globe by all the biggest auction houses. I liked that largely deals with all the well-known reputable auction houses. I am always concerned about internet safety and seemed awful safe to me. 


I also liked that the site was easy to use. Navigating this site was a snap! I liked the tons of inventory. Basically I found the site to be a great idea that I think a lot of people can benefit from! 


What I Think Needs Improvement 


There was a lot of information to absorb on this site and I am super lazy when it comes to trolling around websites, I can understand the theory the site owners want to make sure that you understand what is going on but in some cases less is really more. 


I would recommend this site. It is after all free so you have nothing to lose by checking things out. It will not cost you anything to browse and see what is happening. As a matter of fact it is recommended by the site to check things out before you start to bid. 


You can view live auctions to get a feel for how things work. Do be sure to read all the fine print when you sign up to participate in an auction and make sure you understand what fees you will be responsible. Look for key words like “penalty” “buyers fee” “buyers premium” those phrases are typically followed with the information you need about fees and costs. 


Play by the rules and you will do fine! 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


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Overall, the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.