Online Auction Review – Is This Site a Scam? Online Auction Review – Is This Site a Scam? is an auction site that offers thousands of different items that originate from both municipal sources and overstock distribution sources. This website was begun by two retiring police officers as a way to provide a forum for municipal and government agencies to list their surplus. While the reviews show that there are deals to be had at this site, a more popular choice seems to be using a service like for finding good deals online so you may want to check them out also.


Over the years the site has bloomed beyond original expectations so that liquidators were invited to offer their items as well. You can find items ranging from high end jewelry to generators to cars.

This is a great site that offers plenty of interesting and unique items. This website has been featured on several news channels and shows because of its great reputation. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone to win. The system they use seems very fair and there are equal chances for any participant to win. Review - Navigation

This site is ideal for the novice and for the experienced auction attendee. Everything is laid out well and navigating from one area to the next is easy. There is easy to understand directions and information about registration.

There is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question page and full contact information for the company that owns the site which is always a good thing. Reviews - The Inventory

The inventory is substantial. There are different categories listed at the top of the landing page that contain categories like “jewelry” “cars” “clothing” etc. The categories contain a slew of items both new and used that vary in value and price.

Some items do have a reserve but most do not. There are many unique items that are often not found on auction sites. When I visited there was a ATV being auctioned off through a police auction. There was also a Crown Victoria from 2009 that was also listed.


This site is well received by its users. Consumers left reviews on other sites that were glowing. Every expectation had been met. Consumers left comments that said things like “ great site would buy from again” and “everything arrived exactly as promised”.

There were zero negative remarks left.

This website offers interesting inventory it is simple enough to use for the novice but interesting enough to hold the interest of even the most seasoned auction attendee. This site is a good bet for anyone that is interested in snagging some really great deals. The site has an excellent reputation, a huge inventory and everything you can imagine under the sun up for auction.

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Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site will very few complaints out there, however most people still prefer using a service like for finding great deals online.