Policeauctions.com Review – Is Policeauctions Legit or Scam?


Policeauctions.com Review – Is Policeauctions Legit or Scam?

Policeauctions.com has zero to do with any municipal agency. The name throws a lot of people off. The name gives the impression that this is an auction site that is related to police surplus. It is not, as a matter of fact, most of the things that are auctioned off on the site are not surplus items but instead are new items, mostly jewelry.  If you’re looking for a site for seized and surplus property you should check out a site like AuctionResource.org as many people have reported good finding there.


Policeauctions.com Review – The Site

The site is easy enough to navigate but lacks in the inventory department. A quick web search reveals that there are quite a few consumer complaints about the site. The complaints mostly talk about the quality or lack of quality that the items have. 

Many of the consumers that left reviews were seriously disappointed by what they found to be inaccurate descriptions of the items that they had won. 

Policeauctions.com Reviews - The Inventory 

This site offers a full range of inventory but more jewelry than anything else. You find a lot of links to other auction sites for cars and other assets. There is an entire list of items to the left of the landing page that include things like art and fossil and rocks. A good example of the “it is mostly jewelry” statement is that there are 150 watches listed and only 18 electronic items listed. Another example of the disparity in the inventory is the 83 gemstones offered compared to the 2 perfumes. 

A lot of the inventory seems to be greatly overvalued on the site. There was a small sapphire ring that was listed with a retail value of over two thousand dollars there is absolutely no way that ring sold anywhere for that much money. It was a tenth of a carat of sapphire

It just seemed that every item had an unrealistic retail value listed next to it. Any savvy consumer would easily pick up on the inflated value. 

PoliceAuctions.com - Bidding

The bidding system is based on a no reserve system which may be a great way to snag some really great deals if the product is as advertised. The bidding is free which means unlike other sites that charge you or sell you bids up front you do not pay anything either you win or you do not which is nice. You are not penalized for losing the auction. 

Subscription: 0

Number of Items: Hundreds mostly jewelry 

Geographical Location: Nationwide

Overall, the Policeauctions.com review shows this to be a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online.