Reviews – Is Legit? Reviews – Is Legit? 


The reviews show that this is a website that is really a business to business website. Businesses that have an overstock of items for sale list their items on the site to bid on by other businesses that have a need for these surplus items. 


Commercial surplus as well as government surplus is offered on this site, business owners have the opportunity to bid on items by the truck load, pallet load and even small package load. There are over 500 product categories to choose from. There are deals to be had here, although most prefer using a service like for finding good deals online. 


How Works 


The review shows that to bid on the site you have to register. Registration requires that you fill out an application that is then reviewed usually within 24 hours and either approved or denied based on the information you provided. The application is required for verification purposes. 


If your application is denied there is a phone number posted in the help section that you can call to have your application reviewed and reconsidered. 


Placing Bids at 


To participate in any of the auctions you have to provide your shipping information along with your credit card information. This is required for validation purposes. There are several different categories that are relative to the condition of the items you are bidding on that you will want to become familiar with if you should choose to participate in any of the auctions. 


Some examples are “new” which of course means that the items are new in the box and have never been opened, “shelf pulls” which means that they were at one time for sale in a retail location, “refurbished” which means the items were sold than returned because they were defective and factory restored. 


There are other conditions the above is just a small sampling and you want to be familiar with those conditions because you want to fully understand what you are bidding on. 


Some Caveats 


The reviews show that this site only allows a new bidder to have two outstanding orders at any time. Over a period of time this will be increased after several successful purchases. Payments can be made is several different ways. You can wire transfer the payment (not suggested) you can use your paypal account and you can use your personal debit/credit card or business accounts. 


There is a buyers fee, you do have to pay sales tax, you will be charged a penalty of 15% of the closing auction bid or a minimum of $200 which ever is greater should you not follow through with your payment hence why you have to give up your credit card information when you register. 


There are some really good opportunities on this site that you can take advantage of. It is easy to use and very professional. I liked the fact that both buyers and sellers are verified. I also liked the fact that the instructions were detailed on buying and selling. This site is a fair opportunity for small business owners (think Ebay store owners) to find some really great deals on overstock and other items. 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: Thousands 

Geographical Location: Worldwide 


Overall, the reviews show that to be a legit site and is not a scam, although most prefer using a service like for finding good deals online.