Review – Is a Scam? Review – Is a Scam? is an informational services website. Foreclosures have tripled in the last two years. As you drive down any street USA there is evidence of this unfortunate trend. There are homes that are less than five years old that have been foreclosed on.


It is sad but it really does present a great opportunity for people that are looking to invest or people that want to buy a home on the cheap. There are a lot of websites that are out there that perform the same function. is one of the best known sites on the web for this type of service. It has earned a good reputation for providing a valuable service. Another service that people are talking about for finding deals online is so you may want to check them out also.

Something to Consider

Unfortunately a lot of people make the mistake of showing up at thinking that they can do their bidding online there. There are a few auctions that you can access from the information that you get from but they are far and few in between.

What You Do Get at

The review shows that this site is a service site. You pay for a service. You do not actually get anything tangible from this site. You get information. You get lists of property auctions throughout the US. This information is largely available for free from county court houses where the property that has been foreclosed on is usually taped to a wall somewhere in the court house.

Of course this information is not offered for free. You are charged for a membership $9.95 for your membership per week. There is a free seven day trial period that you can use to check things out to see if the site is something that you are interested in.

The Site

This site is easy to use there are information tutorials provided that will give you the low down on how to use the site to the fullest. The Frequently Asked Questions page is pretty comprehensive and gives you much of the information that  you need. There is a toll free number listed that you can use to call and ask any questions.

The $9.95 membership fee seems pretty reasonable to me. If you are interested in pursuing foreclosed properties and do not want to spend the time yourself gathering the research than this may be a great opportunity for you. Just be careful with the auto pay for your membership. Cancel as soon as you are ready to, I have heard horror stories about auto pay situations and getting them to stop!

Subscription Price: $9.95
Number of Items: Varies
Geographical Location: Nationwide

Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit service and is not a scam, however you may want to look at before signing up as many people are reporting some good deals there on bank owned property.

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