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The review shows that this site started out as a car parts dealer online. Actually they never really dealt in new parts they only dealt in used parts. The used parts came from vehicles that had been scrapped either by the owner or by the insurance company. 


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The Copart review shows this company has been in business for over 20 years first as a catalog business than later on as an internet business. They also have actual brick and mortar sites that you can go and buy from as well. is a huge business that has a strong reputation for being reputable. 


Cars At 


At some point in the last five years added vehicles for auction to their business. The vehicles that are offered through are all considered salvage. Salvage does not necessarily mean that the car or truck does not run what it means is that the insurance company felt it did not meet the requirements to be repaired. 


In many cases the vehicles at simply need some cosmetic work in some case the vehicle is only good for parts. 




Participating in auctions at copart is not free. You have to make a deposit of $400 which is refundable but to really participate in multiple auctions you will also have to up your membership to the platinum membership and pay $200 to join which is not refundable.

You can stay in the free membership arena but you will only be able to buy or bid on one car or truck and that car or truck can not go beyond $1000.



The Site 


This is an easy to use straight forward site. There is no hidden agenda this is a well established company that is offering a service to their customers. You can easily find all the information you need to participate in the auctions and to educate yourself about any concerns. 


User Terms


Make sure you read the user terms because the TOS lays out what is expected of you as far as picking up the vehicle is concerned and time frames that you need to know about. It is a good idea to always read the terms of services just so you know what the site is about. 



This is a legit site. It is a well-established business with a huge following among gear heads. You can find a great car for pennies on the dollar that needs some work but that will be great on your wallet. As with any business transaction of this type be sure that you understand all the terms that you are agreeing to and be sure to proceed with caution. You may want to consider investing in a local mechanic in the area where the car or truck is located to go and take a look at what you are getting ready to bid on as an added precaution. 



Subscription Price: $400 deposit 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


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Overall, the Copart review shows that this is a legitimate site and not a scam.