Carmaxauctions Reviews – Is Legit or Scam?

Carmaxauctions Reviews – Is Legit or Scam?

The reviews show that this is a website that is hosted by the very popular second hand auto giant Car Max. The auctions are open only to licensed dealers however if you are a consumer you can actually get a dealer on board to bid for you. The auctions are not held online they are held at various Car Max facilities around the country. While there seems to be some deals to be had at this site, many people still prefer using a service like for finding a great deal on an automobile to you may want to check them out when you get done reading this review.

About Carmax

Car Max has a strong reputation for providing people with an excellent used vehicle at a no haggle price. They have shops across the US and have done very well in the industry. The auction aspect of the company is a new branch that is geared toward helping smaller used car dealerships meet their inventory requirements.

Carmaxauctions Reviews - Registration

The registration forms to participate in the auctions can be found online but they have to be faxed in before you will receive your auction card. The forms require basic information about the business and whom is able to bid on the businesses behalf. Your auction ID card is issued at the first auction you attend.

The day of the auction an employee will take your picture and present you with your ID for future easy identification purposes.

There are special requirements that have to be met before a company check can be used to pay for winning auctions. The registration rules are strictly adhered to. These auctions are for DEALERS only and the registration process insures that only verified dealerships and their representatives are able to bid on cars during the auction. Review - Auctions Online

None of the CarMax auctions are held online right now but there are future plans to either broadcast simutaneously online or to hold special online auctions. Since the auctions are held on site you do have the ability to review the vehicles, test driving the vehicles is not permitted.

The gates open up 2 hours before the auction begins allowing dealers to view the vehicles.

As Is

CarMax does disclose any major mechanical issues but the vehicles are auctioned without warranty. They are sold as is. There is no guarantee or warranty made about the vehicles by CarMax. This is no unusual. Typically even as a consumer when you purchase a vehicle second hand you are purchasing it as is.

If you are a dealer this is likely a good way to beef up your inventory. If you are a consumer you can usually pay a dealer a finders fee to go to the auction and bid on a vehicle you want. Perhaps someday CarMax will open their auctions to the general public but as of today you are out of luck unless you are a certified dealer and can prove it.

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Overall, the Carmaxauctions review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam with very few complaints out there. However many people still prefer using a service like for finding good deals on vehicles.



Carmaxauctions Reviews – Is Legit or Scam?