Review – Is Bidfun Legit or Scam? Review – Is Bidfun Legit or Scam?  


The review shows that this is a penny auction website that uses points instead of bids. Traditional penny auction websites require that you purchase bids up front before you can participate in the auction. It is the same principle at but instead of bids you are purchasing points. 


The cost of the points range from $1.00 per point to $.80 per point, these prices are way above industry standards. Typically the cost of buying bids is around $.60. The cost of the points go down lower as the amount of points you buy increases. 


The cost is very high when you compare it to the cost of other penny auction sites. There is no redemption process for lost bids. Once you make the bid the point is deducted there is no redemption program like a “buy it now” option that many other penny auction sites offer. 


Another big difference is the time the clock is reset with each bid. Most sites the clock is reset for 10 seconds with each new bid. At the clock is reset for 20 seconds. There are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site if you get lucky, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online. 




The review shows that this site is well laid out and easy to navigate but it seemed a bit elementary to me. The FAQ's were not that comprehensive. The contact information was not very comprehensive and just amounted to a web form that needed to be filled out. The site states that all responses are completed within 72 hours. That does not work for me. I do not know about how most people feel about waiting for an answer for three days but it turns me right off. 


No Freebies


Bidfun does not offer any freebies for signing up like so many other sites offer. This combined with the fact that the bids are higher than average really turns me off. I like freebies, I feel like freebies say “thank you for joining”. 


The inventory is interesting but I think that the cost of the points is way too high. There are many other penny auction sites that are available that cost way less and offer you free  bids for joining up. The site is legit and does offer plenty of inventory options. 


I just don't like paying more than I have to. The goal of using penny auctions is to save money. Paying more money up front just does not make any sense to me. 


Subscription: $0 You have to buy points to bid with. 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Many 


Overall, the review shows this to be a legit site and not a scam, however a better alternative seems to be using a service like