Beezid Reviews – Anyone Have Any Complaints?


Beezid Reviews – Anyone Have Any Complaints?

Penny auctions are all the rage online and Beezid is at the top of the list as far as penny auctions go. This very popular penny auction site offers consumers a way to bid on items and pay pennies on the dollar for them. While there are deals to be had at just about any legit penny auction site, most people still prefer using a service like for finding good deals online.


Of course Beezid is like all other penny auction sites. You have to buy your bids before you start bidding. The cost of the bids is relatively low but it is still an expense to purchase them knowing that you may very well lose them.


Each bid costs $.60 cents but only has a $.;01 value. Each bid that a user places raises the cost of the item by one cent hence the term penny auction. When you win you win big when you lose not so much because you are losing the full $.60 you have paid for each bid.


Beezid Reviews - Special Programs

The one thing that really sets apart from other penny auction sites is that there are ways to use your lost bids so you do not lose them. They offer special auctions to reuse your bids. They also offer a buy it now option. The buy it now option allows you to bid on an item and if you lose you can still buy the item at below retail value. This is a good option if you are bidding on something you intended to buy anyway. Reviews - Free Bids

Beezid also offers free bids for signing up. You can use your free bids at special beginner auctions which can help you to win more free bids. This is a nice touch that many other penny auction sites do not offer.

You can also earn free bids by referring friends and family to sign up to Beezid. It is a generous program that can help you win items for free.

The Inventory

Beezid offers a full range of inventory although it can be a bit disappointing at times but I find most penny auction sites to have disappointing inventory. Like most sites of this type the inventory contains a lot of gift cards and a lot of bid packs although Beezid does seem to offer more high dollar inventory than most.

There is a fair offering of electronics and other high end items but there is always room for more!

The Beezid reviews show that this is a great penny auction site that offers a great deal of options. It is an excellent place for the novice to get their feet wet it is also a great site for the expert penny auction attendee if offers the perfect balance of ease and challenge. The free bids are a great way to get started and being able to earn more bids through referrals is also a great bonus as well.

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Overall, the Beezid reviews show this to be a legit site with not too many complaints, however most people still prefer using a service like for finding great deals online.