is hands down one of the best auction websites we have ever been to. It is user friendly and the offerings are well laid out.


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The listings are varied, ranging from late model cars and real estate to personal property that have either been repossessed due to non payment by the original owner, or are available because the government has decided to sell off the items. They also offer listings to non government agencies that offer personal property as well such as jewelry, household items and government surplus. One thing that AuctionResource offers that we have not found on other similar sites is a huge list of REO listings (bank owned properties).


When most people see a site like this, the first thought is, “too good to be true” but the reality is, it is as good as it says. It is hands down the best auction listing site that I have ever come across.



What Comes With a Membership?


While many people use this site strictly to find a good deal on an automobile, members will also be able to find real property as well. You also get unlimited support which is a real plus. Using the member support area, you will have all your questions answered and they are currently running a special where you get their tutorial "Winning the Auction Game" and "Penny Auction Secrets" and "Real Estate Domination" free, which will really pay off when you start to bid. Just these three tutorials alone are worth the price of the one time membership fee. I like how they explain how to make sure you're getting a good deal before you purchase anything by using a little known secret on Ebay. Penny Auction Secrets is a must read for anyone thinking about jumping info the Penny Auction game. It's going to save you a lot of money if you know the secret bidding strategies.  

There really is nothing bad to say about this website. Easy to use, great listings, friendly support and a money back guarantee. Probably the best part is that it is a one-time fee with no hidden fees when you join.


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